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David Cloyed, owner of Highland Rare Coin, has been professionally trading rare coins for almost 20 years. His experience in the numismatic industry includes wholesale operations on the national coin show circuit, precious metals trading, numismatic research and cataloguing, auction representation, appraisals, and owning and operating an award-winning retail coin store outside of Idaho, Meridian Coin. Meridian Coin received annual recognition as the top coin firm voted by readers of the The Daily Breeze as the “South Bay’s Best” year after year.

Before starting his own business in 2003, David gained numismatic experience at several major coin firms, including A-Mark Precious Metals, Superior Galleries, and Spectrum Numismatics. Throughout his career, he has cumulatively bought and sold coins in excess of $50 million in value, including 7-figure rarities.

A resident of Boise, David opened Highland Rare Coin in 2017 to bring the finest professional numismatic services to the Treasure Valley. With his new location in downtown Boise at 217 North 10th Street, Highland Rare Coin provides fair and transparent numismatic trading to the public, buying and selling U.S. coins, World coins, currency, collectibles, antiquities, and estates.

For those individuals or institutions seeking a highly experienced coin expert to help build their collections or to add tangible assets to their investment portfolios, Highland Rare Coin offers private consulting services tailored to the individual client, including auction representation, grading services, formal appraisals, and secure numismatic transactions.

Whether your coin collection is large or small, Highland Rare Coin aims to serve its customers with fairness and professionalism using the latest industry data, customer education, and fast, secure payment. Call us today to buy or sell your coins, currency, and collections.

Recent Acquisitions

Roman Empire. Galba Sestertius. AE. AD 68-69

Roman Empire. AD 68-69. Galba Sestertius. AE. Choice Fine.

A pleasing example of this sought after Roman bronze. Rich surfaces that are non-porous and even in coloration. It does appear as though someone might have tried to carefully remove verdigris on the reverse, left of Libertas standing.

Neapolis, Campania. 340-300 B.C. AR Stater

Ancient Greece. Campania. Neaplois. AR Stater. 340-300 B.C.

One of my favorite stater issues. I mean, come on, a man headed bull. Just awesome. A very pleasing Very Fine coin. Well centered, especially the reverse. Obverse portrait of Nymph. Reverse displays Nike flying above man headed bull.

1904 $20 PCGS MS63

Generic $20 Liberty Gold PCGS/NGC MS63

Highland Rare Coin is currently promoting $20 Libs in MS63, PCGS or NGC-Spot Free. Please see our website for details. Minimum order of 5 coins. Very competitive pricing. We believe that $20 Libs in MS63 represent good value in today’s market. The premium over AGW for the coin is the lowest it has ever been.

1998 $100 Platinum Eagle PCGS PR70 DCAM.

Bought directly from the investor and part of a nearly 20 coin lot. We believe that the low mintage figures and overall scarcity of Proof/Business Strike American Platinum Eagle coins will one day prove to be a good investment in the niche of modern numismatics.

1843 Seated Liberty Dollar Uncirculated, Original

A choice coin purchased in the wholesale trade. Original surfaces with a light champagne skin from being stored in an envelope. Sharply struck and very nice for this issue.

1986 American Silver Eagle NGC PF70 UCAM Retro holder

First year of issue for the Series. Part of an entire collection of Proof American Silver Eagles graded PCGS and NGC PR/PF 70. Bought directly from the collector.

Early 20th Century diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby and turquoise broach, set in gold.

A stunning example of the craftsmanship of the period. Purchased directly from the son of the lady that owned along with their coin collection consisting of 90% and bullion gold.

Patek Philipe & Co. / “J.H. Leyson, Butte, Montana” gold pocket watch. 19th Century.

Purchased in a large coin deal with over 25 scarce to rare gold and silver pocket watches, some with complex and desirable movements.

1934-A Boston, Mass $10 Star Note.

A scarce note due to the “Star” by the Serial Number. Purchased in a larger collection of Small Size Federal Reserve;Silver/Gold Certificates and small size Nationals. Approximately 250 notes in total.

1934-A Chicago, Illinois $1000 Federal Reserve Note.

Just an awesome denomination and one that everyone can appreciate. Purchased from the collector directly.

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