Weekly Recap October 1st -October 5th

Gold and silver traded within a tight range this week while the stock market continued to go higher. We don’t expect to see much movement in gold or silver until the current Supreme Court justice drama is concluded and a clearer picture of what might develop in the Mid-Term elections starts to develop. Interest rates […]

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Weekly Appointment Schedule August 6th-10th

Highland Rare Coin will be meeting clients from the hours of 9:30 am – 5:30 pm every day this week. We had a successful week last week and purchased coins from a variety of clients. Coins purchased include 90% silver, circulated Morgan and Peace dollars, gold and silver bullion and some early type coins. We […]

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A Rare Coin Dealer’s Approach to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

I have been buying, selling, trading and analyzing rare coins and their prices for about 20 years now as a professional numismatist. In that time, I have bought and sold countless numbers of rare coins, ranging from $5 to $1.75 million each, and have developed a somewhat cynical view of them as “liquid” assets. While […]

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