David Cloyed is the owner of Highland Rare Coin. He is the head buyer and trader for all numismatic and precious metals transactions. The following buying services are always available from Highland Rare Coin:



Highland Rare Coin will meet with you at our office in downtown Boise and evaluate your numismatic material. Our offer is straight forward, fair and transparent. We use all market metrics to evaluate coins properly. All questions and concerns for your coins can be addressed in a professional, secure and private setting. Payment is immediate on the spot via check, bank wire and/or cash.


Highland Rare Coin has been traveling the country to buy numismatic collections and estates for nearly 20 years. We offer the same level of professional service to individuals/families/institutions that have collections, holding and/or estates. David Cloyed is capable of meeting you at your place of preference. If desired, David can arrange a place to meet that is completely secure with secure transportation of your valuables. Payment is made via bank wire on all travel purchases.


Highland Rare Coin travels to a different city every other month and provides outright purchase capabilities. The venue is always in a professional setting and security is present. These venues and their corresponding dates can be found on our website.

Brokering Services

It is our experience that certain transactions or situations require this service. In these cases, which are at the sole discretion of Highland Rare Coin, a legal contract is entered between Highland Rare Coin and the client for a defined transaction with defined parameters.

The most frequent use of this service has been for large bullion deals and complex numismatic collections where there may be multiple family members in different locations.

In these situations, Highland Rare Coin has no capital risk or capital involvement in the transaction at hand. A fixed rate is charged to the clients and Highland Rare Coin uses all of its expertise to make sure the transactions are conducted in the most professional, accurate and secure manner possible.

In general, the commission earned by Highland Rare Coin for bullion transactions is on the order of 1.5-3.0% depending.  The commission earned on numismatic collections/estates/individual rarities is 7-11% depending on the circumstances.

These services have proved very successful to the right clients. Please contact Highland Rare Coin to discuss these services if they might apply to your situation.

Numismatic Advisory Services

David Cloyed has been helping clients build numismatic collections for nearly 20 years. If you are in need of help researching market prices, market opportunities, strict appraisals or auction representation, Highland Rare Coin offers these services. Much like our Brokering Services, there are clear documents engaged in by both parties that clearly lay out Highland’s fees and scope of work arrangements. If this is something you are interested in, please contact us.

Our advisory services are capable of helping individuals, families and institutions structure a strategy for investing in numismatic assets and precious metals that provides realistic expectations of time frames for possible return. An unbiased approach is used to make sure clients are buying high quality material from legitimate outlets at fair prices to insure capital preservation and potential for growth.