Weekly Recap October 1st -October 5th

Gold and silver traded within a tight range this week while the stock market continued to go higher. We don’t expect to see much movement in gold or silver until the current Supreme Court justice drama is concluded and a clearer picture of what might develop in the Mid-Term elections starts to develop.

Interest rates continue to move higher, and the 10 year treasury note reach a 7 year high. Increased gradual interest rate hikes could continue to keep precious metals stagnant as the dollar could remain strong.

There is a shortage of fresh and quality numismatic material in the marketplace currently. Upcoming shows in Spokane, Portland and Denver will give a better picture of what to expect for the last quarter of 2018. Fresh coins and coin collections are eagerly sought after by our firm to supply our client list.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your coin collection, precious metals holdings or estate goals. We meet clients at our private and secure office at 251 East Front Street, in between Whole Foods and Winco. We also will travel to meet clients at their residence if the collection/coin(s)/estate meet certain parameters.